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Market Research

Market Research offers three services. The first is our Quick Market Survey, which provides you with an overview of the Japanese market in your business field using specific secondary data mainly. The second is our Full Market Research package, which provides you essential facts on the Japanese market environment in more detail, using primary data. The third is Custom Market Research, which customizes market research to your business requirements.

# Service Name Overview Main Contents
1 Quick Market Survey Provide an overview of the Japanese market in your business field to get a quick understanding of the market situation
  • Market size
  • Market share
  • Players profiles
  • Products/Services
  • Recommendation
2 Full Market Research In addition to the market overview, offers more detailed research and analysis with primary data such as needs surveys using questionnaires or field interviews to develop your business strategy
  • Market overview
  • Customer needs
  • Partner needs
  • Laws and regulations
  • Market analysis
  • Insight & direction
3 Custom Market Research Flexibly customize research contents to your business requirements
  • Pilot Marketing
  • Custom contents, etc.

*Full Market Research and Custom Market Research depend on the project scope, workload, and time for each project, which are all negotiable.


Our services can be tailored to your business requirements.
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